Walk with Jesus

September 22nd Children’s Ministry New program
September 29th Children’s Ministry
​Children’s ministry name is changing. Our new name is Walk with Jesus. We are making the change because we are working on teaching the children that we are suppose to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. We will still be during the 10:30am Mass. During the summer children will be taken out during the Liturgy of the Word. We will work with the children so they understand that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story. The story of God’s story of redemption and provision. Each week will bring the Bible story to life through video’s, questions, coloring pages, fun activities.
Starting in September, we are changing Walk with Jesus. We will not be taking the children out before Liturgy of the Word. Pre-K to kindergarten should register to attend the program. Children who are in Faith Formation, can stay after class is finished. We will return children during the Offertory who are in grade 2nd and older. If you want younger child to return during the offertory we are able to do that as well. if you have any questions please contact Annemarie at annemarie.dirndorfer@archbalt.org.