The Dark Side – Overcoming in the Victory of Christ

As followers of Jesus Christ, we find ourselves in the middle of a conflict that has been going on for thousands of years. Knowing your enemy and determining what you are up against is key to being victorious in the conflict.
In this seminar, we take a deeper look about this pervasive evil in the world. Satan is real and powerful but we should not lose sight of an even greater truth: Jesus Christ is greater and victorious through the power of the Holy Spirit!!! Living a Life in the Spirit is learning to live victorious over this pervasive evil.   We take the time to understand how this conflict rages through the influence of the new age movement in our society and its many expressions in our culture.
We explore the pervasive influences of paranormal experiences in our culture. 1/3 of Americans (estimated about 42 million) have personally consulted a psychic, medium or fortune-teller. Nearly 25% of Americans like to research ghosts and haunted houses. Almost 1/3 of Americans have consulted their horoscopes.
We explore what the Bible and Catholic teaching says about these areas and how to live a Christian life powerfully through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Nature of the Conflict – part 1


The Gospel and the Victory of Christ – part 2


Fear Not – part 3


Paranormal Experience – part 4


Victory in the Holy Spirit – part 5


New Life in the Spirit – part 1

Living in the Freedom of God’s Word – part 6

Praying with the Scriptures – part 6