The Amazing Power of Vision

God has given you an awesome vision for your life, but you can live your entire life and not know it. In this three-part series we will explore how to recognize God’s vision and chase after it. Discover how to see your future with faith, not fear!


  1. Seeing Your Future Through the eyes of Faith, not Fear.
  2. When you need to have a fresh start in Life
  3. Christ’s Vision is for a Unified Family


In this three-part series we will explore:

God has given you a life vision and a purpose. But you can’t fulfill that vision until you clearly see it. God gives us the gift of transforming power of vision. An unclear vision has its consequences for our life. A clear vision empowers us and is an antidote to fear.
Do you ever feel like you need a fresh start? The good news is, God specializes in second chances, fresh starts, and new beginnings. In this session, we will explore 5 steps to a vison filled future.

Before Jesus died on the cross, the last thing he prayed for was unity. More than anything else, he wanted his church to be unified in their love for him. We will explore 10 truths from the Scriptures that speaks to a unified vison for God’s family.