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As we’ll discuss in a moment, antler-themed decor isn’t just for hunters — it can be functional, understated, and even elegant depending on what you’re looking for. Because there are so many ways that you can add the rustic charm of antler decor to your home, it can be difficult to decide on how to start. Anyone who appreciates rustic interior design or enjoys bringing the natural beauty of your surroundings inside might benefit from adding a piece of antler decor to your home! For instance, a simple elk antler chandelier actually works well as a focal point and juxtaposed piece of a more minimalist and modern space. However, if you’re leaning towards a more comprehensive rustic look and atmosphere, there are plenty of options to pick up in addition to some antler decor. Color palettes that utilize deep reds, earthy greens, and sky blues are common for rustic interior design, while furniture made from materials like wooden logs or reclaimed barnwood will enhance this foundation for your home.

Having too much can be overwhelming and really overpower the rustic atmosphere you’re trying to create, so start with a couple of pieces you want to focus on, and slowly work from there. Now that we understand some applications for incorporating antler decor into your home, we should cover the most common types of items that you’ll see.

Smaller antlers like from mule deer can commonly be seen as part of rustic table and floor lamps, typically either forming the base or cradling the lampshade.

The curved shape of the antlers lends itself to this design, and there are tons of options that you can find to suit exactly what your home needs.

Not only is this arguably the most functional use for antlers, but also adds a more subtle touch of rustic character to your living space. For instance, when placed in the bathroom, these really make you feel like you’re in a forested cabin as you start or end your day, and are a great focal point of the room.

Cozy blankets, pillows, curtains, and much more can be found with patterns or wildlife designs to bring vibrant and fun antler motifs to your rustic home. We pride ourselves on making hand-crafted antler decor, both authentic and reproduction, to fit a variety of needs and personalities. If you’re ready to add some of the rustic charm of antlers to your home, browse our decor and lighting collections today!

deer skull mount on brick wall
deer skull mount on brick wall

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