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Our Mission Part IV

Our mission at St. Patrick’s is to be a place where people encounter the Lord Jesus Christ, love God and their neighbor and make disciples of Christ.What does it mean to “make disciples of Christ?”

This means to help other people discover Christ in their life, learn to follow Him with their life and with their life help others to become Christ-followers. Jesus told us to “go make disciples of all nations”. In our “circle of influence” we are invited to help others become Christ-followers. The parish exists to train its parish members to lead others to Christ and become his disciples.

Our Mission part III

Our mission as a parish is to be a place of encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ so people will love God, love their neighbor and make disciples of Christ.
What does it mean to “love our neighbor”? It means to serve those whom the Lord brings into our life. The Lord has given us spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to serve people. A key goal for us at St. Patrick’s Church is to help people discover their spiritual gifts and become more aware of their talents and abilities. In this way, the entire body of people at St. Patrick’s Church is to become mobilized to serve.

Our MIssion part II

The mission of the parish is to be: a place of encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ so people will love God, love their neighbor and make disciples of Christ.

What does it mean to “love God”? As with any human relationship that two people love each other, there is commitment and affection. So it is with the Lord. To love Him, is to grow in commitment to the things He is passionate about. This commitment involves our whole selves: our time, energy and our money. Also, it is to grow in friendship and communion with Him, the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We want to create a culture in the parish where we are able to help each person grow in this relationship. It is the purpose of the parish to provide many opportunities to help us all grow in a relationship with the persons of the Trinity.

Our MIssion part I

A mission for a parish defines what we are all about.
Our mission at St. Patrick’s Church is to: be a place of encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, so people can love God, love their neighbor and make Disciples of Christ.

What do we mean by “encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ”?

Very simply, it means that we come into experience with the Lord. This is possible because He is alive. This encounter is often foundational to our growth as a Christian. While there are many ways into this encounter with the Lord, it almost always invites of us a heart that is seeking the Lord and wants more of Him in our life.

Living in Importance – Planned for Worship

Have you ever considered that you were made for God’s pleasure and delight? The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that you were made in the image and likeness of God. That surely makes you a person with significance and destiny. You may not always feel that way, but the truth of God’s word is nonetheless true. It accurately tells us who you are in light of God and who he is! So what does this mean? Your highest calling in life is to worship the Lord. This is more than just a prayer service, Mass, or any other kind of worship. All this is good of course. But the worship I speak about is the way you live your life that glorifies God. Your life’s purpose and meaning is found in this relationship in which you worship the Lord, that is glorify Him with how you live your life. The purpose and meaning of your life will not be found in any other place-career, people, money etc…. It is found in the relationship with God in which you become a worshipper of Him! The following blogs will talk about how this can take place.

Formed for Life Mission

Your life is formed to be “light that pierces darkness.” When Jesus came into the world he was the light that shone in the darkness and the darkness didn’t overcome it (John 1:5). You are that light now! “Clothed with the power from on high”-the Holy Spirit-empowers you to be that light. You are formed for a life mission that goes outside the walls of the church and is meant to bring the Good News of Jesus to the world around you: locally and globally. Discovering your life mission is key to finding meaning in life and fulfilling your potential that God has purposed for you.

Equipped to Serve

You are called to ministry.  Everyone single Christian is called to serve, to minister. What is ministry? It is simply meeting the needs of people with the resources of God. Each Christian has a unique SHAPE. You are created in a unique way with spiritual gifts, passions of the heart that move you to certain causes, abilities that are skills, a personality that is uniquely “you” and experiences, both naturally and supernaturally, that give unique insights to your life. This SHAPE, when discovered and discerned makes you called to serve the Church in an indispensable way.

Becoming Like Christ

You were made to become like Christ. That is God’s goal for your life: to be conformed to Jesus.  Jesus is the reason why we exist. Through him we have been created. This is stated in the opening of John’s gospel (chapter one, verses 1-5). This means our life finds purpose and meaning in relating rightly to Jesus as our leader. In so doing, we are to become conformed to him. What does this mean? It means (1) to let go of things, people, places, desires that hinder you from becoming like Him. (2). To learn and take on the character of Jesus with new behavior and attitudes (3). To produce fruit of the Spirit, the character of Jesus –see Galatians 5:23- that is a godly life.
All this is possible because of the Holy Spirit that lives in you whose power has been given to change us!

Belonging to God’s Family

When you were born, you were born into a family-as every person in the world. Through baptism, you were born into a spiritual family. This family has God as your Father, Jesus as your elder brother and the Holy Spirit as your constant companion and friend. You were also born into a spiritual family of relationships with other Christians called “brothers and sisters in Christ.” There are over 58 “one anothers” in the New Testament. These statements of God’s word describe how Christians are to relate to one another. For example, “Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good, love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12:9-10. We are formed to belong to God’s family. Practically, this means that we are to cultivate relationships with Christians in small group settings so as to encourage one another in being friends of Christ, support each other in living life and exhort one another to be passionate about following Christ.

What is our Message?

In Genesis 12:1-4 God breaks into Abram’s life and calls him to a personal relationship with Him. He calls him to a new security and identity that God will give Him. God promises to bless him and he will be a blessing to the nations. God calls Abram to a life of eternal significance and purpose. This is the first part of our Message: He calls you to an eternal significance and purpose that can only be found In relationship to Him. The second part of our message can be found in 2Timonthy 1:8-10. St. Paul says “He saves us.” To save us implies that we need to be rescued. Also, it implies that I can’t save myself. The word for save is to rescue, to deliver, to make whole. The second part of the message is that I need a savior and that I can’t do this myself. The third part of the message is found in the same passage: there is the appearance of the Savior. God’s plan, always from eternity, is now revealed in Jesus. God came in the person of his Son. God takes the initiative. He comes to save us from sin by being the paschal lamb of sacrifice. In other words, in matters of love God comes himself. The fourth part of our message is in the transfiguration (Mt. 17:1-10). Jesus is revealed as the eternal Son of God and is called the “beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.” This in part refers to his passion, death and resurrection. He is the suffering servant of Israel. The exhortation is to “listen” to him. They need to make a response to Him. This is a response of faith commitment to him as their Lord and Savior and they as disciples whose life is shaped entirely by his word. This is the fourth part of the message. We need to respond to Him. We cannot simply be neutral to him. The response is accepting the biblical diagnosis that because of my sin – I need a Savior.