Overcomer: Rising Above Life’s Challenges

Overcomer: Rising Above Life’s Challenges
In this Bible study, we acknowledge that life’s circumstances can be overwhelming. Often, when we can’t change the circumstance, we learn to survive. This is not the kind of life that Jesus Christ calls us to. Our hardships are often not removed, but He works through them and He empowers us to rise above them. We will look at the biblical story of Joseph and in this Bible study we will gain the help that will  move us past just surviving life’s challenges to overcoming betrayal, temptation, bitterness, and adversities.


  • Rising above Betrayal–Genesis 37:19-27; 39:1-2
  • Winning over Temptation–Genesis 39:3-12
  • Overcoming being Forgotten–Genesis 39:21-23; 40:5-8, 20-23
  • Succeeding in Hard Times–Genesis 41:28-36, 46-49
  • Victory over Bitterness–Genesis 45:3-11
  • Changing our mind set–Genesis 50:15-21