Many people in our parish serve as ministers in the parish and community.
Do you have an interest in outdoor activities? The lawn beatification team and the Grass cutting team are designed to tap into the joy and pleasure of working outdoors. Making God’s creation reflect the beauty that He intends is our goal.
Serving on an Opps team What is an “Opps” team? It is a group of able body men and women that can setup and take down at our parish events. Use your physical strength to serve the Lord’s people and setup for an event that will bring Him glory!

Ministering to children Helping our children encounter the Lord and experience His love is our goal. This service is in many forms such as serving as a catechist, serving as an aide in a classroom, designing arts and crafts for use by children. We invite you to pick one that you are comfortable with! Helping to plant the word of God in our children’s life is an eternally rewarding service.


Hospitality and Greeters These are two different services to the parish community. The hospitality team assists in serving food and creating a space of enjoyment at our parish events. The Greeter team assists in welcoming all who come to our weekend masses. If you love to make people feel at home in our parish community-one or both of these services are waiting for you! “Let your love be genuine…outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12:9-10.


Prayer Shawl Ministry This is a gathering of people that knits or crochets shawls for the sick, the bereaved, for special occasions such as weddings and other needs. The ministry is rooted in prayer and is intended to comfort God’s people in moments of need and joy!


Liturgical Ministers These area various liturgical roles that inspire us to worship the Lord. Roles such as ministering the body and blood of Christ at communion or proclaiming the word of God in Scripture as a Lector or serving as an altar server. If you have a desire to inspire others to worship the Lord more fully, then perhaps the Lord is leading you to one of these roles. We also invite those who feel called to bring communion to the sick in homes and healthcare facilities.


Kitchen Door Outreach  The Kitchen Door is a Ministry of St. Patrick’s Church. It is a food pantry which serves the hungry in our area on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. There is a green bin for food collection in the vestibule of the Hall. Thank you for your generosity to The Kitchen Door over the years. Our neighbors in need are very appreciative! Please call Judy Plitt with questions concerning this Ministry at 443-504-9330.

Grace Place a food outreach to the poor in our community, is a service many members of St. Patrick’s Church are engaged with that is supported and led by many of the churches of Harve De Grace.


Youth Ministry Serving our student ministries is designed to introduce our students to the love of God and His exciting plans for their life. If you feel a desire to serve our students, then the roles are many and exciting.


Music Worship at the Liturgy The music at St. Patrick’s Church features a traditional, choir led worship at the 8am. Mass on Weekends and contemporary praise and worship at the 4pm., 10:30am. and 12pm. Masses. If you have a desire to “sing a new song” to the Lord and inspire others to do so, we invite you to consider these opportunities to service through the music ministry.


If you feel a desire to serve in any of these areas or would like further information, we invite you to call the parish office at (410)-939-2525 and a staff person will be in touch with you.