Living in Importance – Planned for Worship

Have you ever considered that you were made for God’s pleasure and delight? The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that you were made in the image and likeness of God. That surely makes you a person with significance and destiny. You may not always feel that way, but the truth of God’s word is nonetheless true. It accurately tells us who you are in light of God and who he is! So what does this mean? Your highest calling in life is to worship the Lord. This is more than just a prayer service, Mass, or any other kind of worship. All this is good of course. But the worship I speak about is the way you live your life that glorifies God. Your life’s purpose and meaning is found in this relationship in which you worship the Lord, that is glorify Him with how you live your life. The purpose and meaning of your life will not be found in any other place-career, people, money etc…. It is found in the relationship with God in which you become a worshipper of Him! The following blogs will talk about how this can take place.