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Walking with Purpose Bible Study

Walking With Purpose is a women’s bible study that includes personal study and small group discussions that link our everyday challenges with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church. 
St. Patrick’s Walking With Purpose group meets on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:15 (September through March).
For more information, please visit our parish’s WWP webpage:

Surviving Divorce



Come join us for this powerful journey of healing and hope at


ALL Welcome

Sunday February 9, 2019 – Through May 3, 2019

1:30 pm-3:30 pm (1-1:30 social time)

Following the Sunday Noon Mass at St. Patrick’s

St Patrick’s Parish Center Building-side entrance


  • Find personal healing and hope
  • Work through emotional upheavals
  • Navigate new concerns like custody, court and finances
  • Discover a deeper understanding of God’s love for you
  • Gain comfort from experts who share your experience


Please contact Sandi at St. Patrick’s Parish Office to register.


Charismatic Prayer Meeting

When you assemble, one has a hymn, another some instruction to give, still another a revelation to share, one speaks in a tongue, another interprets. Let all things be done to build up the community. 1Cor. 14:26
A charismatic prayer meeting consists of a group of people from varying backgrounds who meet in an atmosphere of love and support for one another in an effort to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and to show this love in their attitude to their neighbor. Each prayer meeting is open to anyone who wants to come.
The prayer meeting has been a place where many people have found a new dimension to their spiritual lives and have discovered the love of God in a more profound way.
The meeting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where joy and the love of God is emphasized, and where everyone is welcomed. God is praised with enthusiasm.
Praise focuses on the utter goodness of God and celebrates his goodness in our lives. “Rejoice in the Lord always,” said Paul (Phil 4:4). We believe our joy should be expressed often in praise.
Large parts of the prayer meeting are quiet. Silence forms an important part of the worship periods, and people are encouraged to listen to what the Lord is saying to them. Some will sense that God has a message of encouragement, exhortation, or consolation for the group, and will feel moved to speak this out. This is known as the gift of prophecy.
The Word of God in Scripture is read and listened to, and regular teaching on Scripture and aspects of the Christian life instructs and helps people to grow in their spiritual life. There is much variety in the prayer meeting. 
Elements of a Prayer Meeting are:
  • Praise and Worship
    God is praised in song and prayer for his majesty, his love and his faithfulness, and thanked for his grace in our lives. This praise and thanksgiving may be in words, songs or through that way of praying without words known as ‘praying in tongues,’ as a form of contemplative prayer. This form of contemplative prayer follows a long Catholic contemplative tradition. St Teresa of Avila wrote of a form of prayer which she called “jubilation” — “a strange prayer I don’t understand.” She called it “a deep union of the faculties” and that “all [the soul’s] activity is directed to this praise (Interior Castle 6.6.10).
  • Prophecy
    Someone may speak an exhortation or word of encouragement from God, through the Holy Spirit. The group discerns this word in the light of Scripture and the Catholic tradition.
  • Scripture
    Someone may share a brief passage of Scripture.
  • Teaching
    A speaker may give a short talk on one of a variety of subjects aimed at helping us to know God and to lead better Christian lives.
  • Intercession
    There will usually be times of intercession for the needs of the world, the Church, parish and home. Prayer for healing is always available for those who ask for it.
  • Witness
    Someone may relate how they have experienced God working in their life, and how God has blessed them and changed them.
The Prayer meeting will be held at St. Patrick’s Hall, 650 Pennington Ave. on February 25, 2020 at 6:30pm. All are welcome.  No registration required.

Life in the Spirit Seminar

The Life in the Spirit seminar is designed as an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. They provide an opportunity for people to find out more about that life, and to be helped in taking the first steps of a new relationship with the Lord. For those who are exploring Christianity it serves as an introduction to Christianity and a time to make a first commitment to Jesus Christ. For those who are already Christians, they offer help in finding a fuller release of the Holy Spirit to live a deeper Christian life.


The seminar is offered as a series of talks over 7 weeks. More than a series of lectures, the Life in the Spirit Seminars are a chance for Christians to experience a fuller release of the Holy Spirit to live a deeper Christian life.  The Life in the Spirit seminar introduce people to a fuller experience of life in the Spirit by exploring the intimate relationship between “baptism in the Holy Spirit” and the sacraments of baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  The seminar invites and prepares us to experience a fuller release of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts as in a personal Pentecost.


We will offer the Life in the Spirit seminar beginning February 13 and running through March 26, 2020. We will begin in the hall at 6:30 with light refreshments for a time of fellowship. The seminar starts at 7 and runs to 8pm.


Where: St. Patrick Hall. 650 Pennington Ave. Havre de Grace, Md.

When: 6:30pm. to 8pm. Feb. 13-March 26.

Please call Sandi at 410-939-2525 by February 10 to register.

No cost for the seminar.

Please bring a Bible.


The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let him who hears say, “Come.” And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.” Revelation 22:17



Following Christ

The Following Christ seminar provides practical, down-to-earth teaching based on Scripture, Church teaching, and the witness of the speaker’s own journey as a disciple of Christ.
Following Christ is about developing the lifestyle of a disciple. Weekly practical application steps challenge us to put our faith into action.
Its purpose is practical, not academic, teaching on growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. In this stage of discipleship some of the most formative means of helping a person grow in union with God are the experiences of personal and group prayer, practical teaching with opportunity for small group discussion and relationships that support the development of a Catholic lifestyle, world view and mission. All of these formative dynamics are lived within the context of the Church, which includes regular reception of the sacraments and participation in the liturgy.
Following Christ is for any man who wants to grow in and deepen their relationship to Christ with other men. The seminar begins on January 13 and runs through March 2nd 2020. There is a one day retreat held on February 15, 2020 from 9:30am to 1pm.
We begin at the hall for a light dinner, followed by a DVD teaching session and small group discussion. Call Sandi at 410-939-2525 by January 8 to register.
We meet in the St. Patrick’s Parish hall located at 650 Pennington Ave.