The Amazing Power of Vision

God has given you an awesome vision for your life, but you can live your entire life and not know it. In this three-part series we will explore how to recognize God’s vision and chase after it. Discover how to see your future with faith, not fear!


  1. Seeing Your Future Through the eyes of Faith, not Fear.
  2. When you need to have a fresh start in Life
  3. Christ’s Vision is for a Unified Family


In this three-part series we will explore:

God has given you a life vision and a purpose. But you can’t fulfill that vision until you clearly see it. God gives us the gift of transforming power of vision. An unclear vision has its consequences for our life. A clear vision empowers us and is an antidote to fear.
Do you ever feel like you need a fresh start? The good news is, God specializes in second chances, fresh starts, and new beginnings. In this session, we will explore 5 steps to a vison filled future.

Before Jesus died on the cross, the last thing he prayed for was unity. More than anything else, he wanted his church to be unified in their love for him. We will explore 10 truths from the Scriptures that speaks to a unified vison for God’s family.




Living in the Goodness of God

Easter message series beginning April 18 “Living in the Goodness of God”
Is God good all the time? What about those difficult times of doubt, fear and suffering? Throughout Christian history, Christian men and women lived in God’s favor. What does this mean? God’s goodness and favor are not based on our performance but on what Jesus has accomplished for us at the cross and resurrection. In this series we will explore living in God’s favor and goodness as the answer to regret, worry and pain. Over this message series we will explore:
Is God really good all the time?
How God’s goodness can restore you?
How to be filled with the Spirit?
How to go from overwhelmed to overflowing?
How to live an anointed life?
Why you don’t need to fear the future

Connecting in the Church

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer. Acts 2:42
Come and explore a 6 session study on “Connecting in the Church”. We will explore the different ways we are called to walk in the unity of the Spirit. St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is our guide to understanding how as Christians we are to live in the Church, sharing its blessings and mission. We will explore what it means to be a member of the Church and what “membership” actually means for us as we seek to preserve the unity of the Spirit.

The Promise of New Life

Session 4 – The Pentecostal Outpouring of the Holy Spirit


Ruth – The Story of our Redemption


A new online bible study: Ruth-The story of our Redemption.

This is a 4 session bible study beginning June 30 and running through July 21.

Ruth is a story of how God’s mercy sustains us. It is a story of redemption in the midst of bitterness, loss and grief. It is a story of God bringing a fruitful end to a time of famine and death. This book, foreshadows the redemption of Christ who brings life out of death, light out of darkness. The Book demonstrates the sovereignty of God, his grace and power. His almightiness is revealed as our deliverer and healer. Study how the hand of God’s mercy works in your life, in the midst of life’s most challenging situations.

Overcomer: Rising Above Life’s Challenges

Overcomer: Rising Above Life’s Challenges
In this Bible study, we acknowledge that life’s circumstances can be overwhelming. Often, when we can’t change the circumstance, we learn to survive. This is not the kind of life that Jesus Christ calls us to. Our hardships are often not removed, but He works through them and He empowers us to rise above them. We will look at the biblical story of Joseph and in this Bible study we will gain the help that will  move us past just surviving life’s challenges to overcoming betrayal, temptation, bitterness, and adversities.


  • Rising above Betrayal–Genesis 37:19-27; 39:1-2
  • Winning over Temptation–Genesis 39:3-12
  • Overcoming being Forgotten–Genesis 39:21-23; 40:5-8, 20-23
  • Succeeding in Hard Times–Genesis 41:28-36, 46-49
  • Victory over Bitterness–Genesis 45:3-11
  • Changing our mind set–Genesis 50:15-21

Living Free of Anxiousness


Thinking about what you are Thinking About



Thinking about series. In the homily message series we will explore how we think determines the choices we make. Our choices determine our destiny. In this series, based on the Gospel of Matthew, the Sermon on the mount, we will explore three areas of “thinking” about our life. These areas will shape and form our choices.


Thinking about how we think of God:

All the important things in life revolve around how you think about God — even if you don’t think about God at all. It determines the way you look at your problems, the way you look at your future, and the way you look at your relationships. In this message, you’ll learn three ways to change your life by rethinking your view of God.

Thinking about the problem of Sin:

If someone asked you what your biggest problem in life was, you’d might answer with something like, “Well, I’ve got relationship problems,” or, “I’m under a lot of financial stress.” But what if your biggest problem … was sin? This message will show us what sin is, why it’s a problem, and how to break free from it.

Thinking about forgiveness of others:

In this message we will explore how forgiveness of others is freeing for our life and how choosing to forgive, is choosing to be like Jesus.

Surviving Divorce



Come join us for this powerful journey of healing and hope at


ALL Welcome

Sunday February 9, 2019 – Through May 3, 2019

1:30 pm-3:30 pm (1-1:30 social time)

Following the Sunday Noon Mass at St. Patrick’s

St Patrick’s Parish Center Building-side entrance


  • Find personal healing and hope
  • Work through emotional upheavals
  • Navigate new concerns like custody, court and finances
  • Discover a deeper understanding of God’s love for you
  • Gain comfort from experts who share your experience


Please contact Sandi at St. Patrick’s Parish Office to register.