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Modern Stone Panel Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Stone Outdoor Kitchen and Firepit with a Cool Blue HueWe’re always excited to see photos come back from our clients, and the project featured in this week’s blog is no exception.With a honed face, blocky geometry, and clean lines the Aksent panel leans toward modern design.

Modern Stone Panel Outdoor Kitchen
There are two distinct features on this project that received the Aksent modern stone wall cladding – an “L” shaped outdoor kitchen and a square low slung fire pit.No expense was spared on this outdoor kitchen with the stone being used on the front face as well as on the interior wall sections.

As the stone turns the outside corners as it moves from the front face to the inside face of the outdoor kitchen the look is incredibly seamless.

A Beautiful DIY Fire Pit

Guest Post by Lindi Vanderschaaf of Love Create CelebrateA beautiful DIY fire pit for any outdoor space or backyard oasis!Adding Edging to Your DIY Fire PitTo get the best look on any tile job, add beautiful edging pieces.We bought enough for the inside edge of our DIY fire pit tabletop, but if you are not making a frame, you will also need enough for the outside edge.We used this beautiful glossy black tile for our tabletop, and added a black grout to complete the modern look.Cut tile edging with a miter saw so that it fits on the edges of your fire pit tabletop.

9 Amazing Outdoor Walkway Designs to Stay on the Right Path

Greet your guests the right way with a walkway design that expresses your unique style.WoodWood is the go-to material when looking to create a rustic outdoor space with nothing but natural materials.The look of large, smooth walkway stones offers a clean, contemporary and sleek look to your outdoor space.Large-scale tile stones complement your backyard and allow your surrounding landscape and outdoor features to draw the eye.

9 Amazing Outdoor Walkway Designs to Stay on the Right Path
If you’re looking to add a traditional touch to your outdoor space, cobblestone is an ideal option.

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Patio Flooring

From different materials, to impressive colors, textures and patterns, there is so much that can be done with outdoor patio flooring!Mix and match materials, textures and colors for an outdoor patio flooring that standouts from the rest!

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Patio Flooring
Step 2: Choosing the materialsFirst, when planning a patio design, one must select the material for their outdoor patio flooring.Featured product: Borealis Patio SlabsNatural stone flooringLooking for a classic stone look for your outdoor patio flooring?

Featured product: Hexa patio slabNow that you’ve found some outdoor patio flooring inspiration, check out our estimation tool to get a FREE estimate of your dream patio!

74 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a DIY fire pit, an ultra-modern fire pit, or a small portable fire pit, you’re in the right place.Domed Fire PitThis eye-catching fire pit comes to a dome peak at the top, adding intrigue to any garden or outdoor space.Although some may prefer the smell and pops of a crackling wood-burning fire pit, this fire pit is a cleaner version of a fire pit.The flame may even be automatic in this fire pit, easily switched on by a button or remote control.This shorter fire pit would be a great addition to an outdoor patio area or a corner garden.


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