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Pathway of Discipleship
Greetings to you all!  
The Archbishop asked me to come here to be in your midst and minister with you in the vineyard of the Lord here at St. Patrick Church. I therefore, bring you the prayers and greeting from the Archbishop to you his beloved flock at St. Patrick Havre De Grace. I also come with many greetings and prayers from your brothers and sisters at St. Joseph Fullerton church.  
It has been almost a week since I moved in here. I must say Havre De Grace is truly a beautiful place and the congregation at St. Patrick is even so beyond comparison a wonderful community. I have been so humbled by your gracious and warm welcome. The parishioners, the parish leadership teams and the staff have been so kind and have made my ministry begin so smoothly. I thank so much also Fr. Dale for the wonderful works that he had already begun here at St. Patrick to draw this community closer to Christ. I look forward to continuing that.  
As I settle in here, I look forward to know you all better and growing together in faith, sharing the great mission that Christ has given us to be his ambassadors to the world, to bring healing and truth to a world that in many occasions is broken.  
Our faith, the light and hope of the world today is entrusted to each one of us. We are all challenged to be good stewards of it.  
My mission here at St. Patrick is going to be simple; To empower a Eucharistic community of faith centered on Christ and foster growth of individuals and families towards the great promise of attaining a life with God.  
My hope is that we will be a parish that is engaging and attractive to people of all ages and walks of life. I would love to see more young people engaged in the life of the church so that we have an intergenerational community of faith in Havre De Grace.     
As we rise from the pandemic that has greatly interrupted our lives both locally and globally, our parish is now opening up more day by day, I would like to assure all of you of my prayers and support. Do not hesitate to let me know how we can be of help. I count on your positive engagement to make this a possibility.  
There are going to be moments when I will call upon you to volunteer more or share more of your time, talent and treasure for the greater good of the parish, the church and mission that God has given us.  
I pray that this year being the year of the Eucharist throughout the archdiocese of Baltimore, we will join in renewing our faith, trust and love for the Eucharist. During the coming months we will be able to have more specific activities to celebrate and highlight the importance of the Eucharist in our faith life. My office is open to you all.  
I look forward to interacting with you and your families as time goes on.  
My our patron, St. Patrick be our strong intercessor before God always. 
May God Bless you always abundantly. 
Fr. Francis.