Wednesday mass in the evening with adoration and confession is cancelled.
Wednesday mass will be at 8:15am.

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Pathway of Discipleship

Mar 12, 2021
Stage 4 and 5 of Prayer for Healing and Wrap-up
Series: Daily Word
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
With a heavy heart I want to tell you that I will be leaving St. Patrick’s church as pastor. The Archbishop has asked me to become pastor of Ascension and St. Augustine church. The starting date is 7/1/21. This was something that I was not anticipating nor was part of my plans. I had planned to be pastor of St. Patrick’s church for several more years. My time at St. Patrick has been such a blessing to me. I have been thrilled to see how the Lord has worked amongst all of you. I will never forget your generous spirit, caring hearts and encouraging friendships.  
Fr. Francis Ouma will be coming to St. Patrick’s church on 7/1 as administrator. The intention is that he will become pastor. He was ordained in 2015 and is currently the associate pastor at St. Joseph’s church in Fullerton. Fr. Francis is well thought of by the people of St. Joseph’s parish and the pastoral staff. He has served very effectively at Immaculate Conception Parish in a previous assignment.  I know you will enjoy his ministry and his priesthood.  
We will have more details about this transition in the coming weeks.  
Until then, may the Lord’s blessing be upon you and your families.  
Fr. Dale 
Mass Sign up
Friday evening mass is 6:30 pm. And not 8:15 am.
Friday evening mass is preceded by adoration at 5-6:15 pm in the hall. Confessions are at 5:30-6:15 pm in the school/ ministry building. Entrance is from Congress ave.


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