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Pathway of Discipleship

Mar 12, 2021
Stage 4 and 5 of Prayer for Healing and Wrap-up
Series: Daily Word
Greetings brothers and sisters,
As the Easter season is near us, I pray the Lord’s blessings upon you and your families in this season of Easter. May the risen Christ and his victory of love over sin and death fill your hearts with hope and joy.
This week of Holy week brings us entry into the Triduum on Holy Thursday and Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. I refer to the Triduum as “Days of His Presence.” In these days, we draw near in an especially anointed way to the Lord’s presence. His covenant love for us is manifested in His laying down of his life for us and in the resurrection and outpouring of the Spirit to share with us his friendship. We can grow deeper, go deeper, and live more out of the experience of His Spirit in these days. The Triduum gives way to Easter Sunday: the heart of our faith-Jesus is Risen!!.
So in these days I would encourage you to take the time and set aside the time to be with the Lord in the way you choose to experience His fresh anointing of his love and presence to you. These are “Days of His Presence” in an unique way in our year. May you experience His friendship, power and life in a new way -to find that He is the fulfillment of all our desires.
Happy Easter to you,
Fr. Dale
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